Our Approach

How can we
do better?


We ask ourselves that very question each and every day, and it shows.

For over 70 years Hobbs Brook Real Estate has been pushing boundaries, innovating ideas, and developing and operating corporate and commercial communities that are resilient and meticulously designed to inspire, energize, and endure. At Hobbs Brook Real Estate we are:

   Team builders.

   Reliable partners.

   Industry innovators.


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Redefining the tenant experience and creating a workplace that is truly exceptional.

We understand that providing excellent work space goes beyond  square footage. We are dedicated to curating an environment that fosters more than just work; we cultivate a thriving community for our tenants and their employees. Our commitment lies in crafting engaging spaces that inspire and boost productivity. We believe that when people enjoy their time in the office, they become more creative, innovative, motivated and collaborative. It’s not just about offering excellent space; it’s about creating a vibrant community where businesses can thrive and individuals can flourish.


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The benefit of being vertically integrated

HBRE’s vertically integrated platform gives us unparalleled control over all aspects of ownership, development, and property management. This results in increased efficiency, lower risks, and an exceptional experience for tenants and vendors. Discover more about our in-house departments below:

Property Management & Engineering +
Leasing +
Construction & Design +
Marketing & Tenant Engagement +
4.7M SF
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Hobbs Brook Real Estate Employees
Team builders. Reliable partners. Industry innovators.
Team builders. Reliable partners. Industry innovators.